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Families outside the Hornet Hub.

The purpose of the Edina High School Parent Teacher Organization shall be to support and enhance the educational programs at Edina High School and to strengthen the relationship between home and school.

General Information

The EHS PTO is a group of parent volunteers interested in supporting the high school. We meet monthly throughout the school year to collaborate on improving our programs, supporting our teachers, and helping parents navigate their student's high school years. Your dues fund ongoing communication between school and parents, volunteer opportunities, hospitality for EHS staff, and fund Mini Grants to enhance the classroom experience.

  • The PTO supports communication between the school and families. We create and manage the new online EHS Directory, the Parent Survival Book, and the Newsletters. The PTO continues to sponsor forums such as transitioning from middle school to high school and transitioning from high school to college.
  • The PTO offers many opportunities for parents to volunteer. Be sure to indicate your interest on the PTO Membership form and/or reach out and let us know of your interest. Everyone is welcome to get involved whether it is volunteering at school events or attend PTO board meetings.
  • The PTO provides hospitality for teachers and staff during conferences as well as hosts student functions each year.
  • Finally, PTO dues fund Mini Grants. Staff and teachers request funds to enhance the students EHS experience.

If you have any questions please contact the PTO at

PTO Job Openings:

PRESIDENT: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the PTO

  • Duties:
    • Preside over all PTO meetings.
    • Have supervision of, and general executive and administrative powers relating to the PTO, subject to the control of the Executive Board.
    • Oversee the implementation and follow-through of the general directives, plans, and policies formulated by the Executive Board.
    • Look over and respond to correspondence in the PTO email in a timely manner.
    • Schedule all PTO meetings for the year, arrange for appropriate meeting places, and set up for meetings. Prepare the agenda for upcoming meetings. Make copies available for attendees.
    • Act as a sounding board for members with questions, comments, and concerns about the PTO.
    • Maintain PTO records to include the agenda, the minutes of all meetings, the treasurer’s reports, and all other pertinent items.
    • With the assistance of the Treasurer prepare the annual PTO budget for approval by the Executive Board.
    • Coordinate with the Communications Chairperson to ensure that appropriate information regarding the PTO and meetings is provided to the school administration to be listed in the school calendar of events and included in the school newsletter, as well as for posting on the website, social media, and in any other pertinent publications or emails.

TREASURER: The Treasurer shall have responsibility for all financial matters pertaining to the PTO.

  • Duties:
    • Maintain custody, through the PTO bank account, of all PTO funds, and keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements.
    • Present a financial year-to-date report at each meeting of the PTO.
    • Provide a written copy of all year-to-date reports to the President.
    • Prepare the financial books for audit.
    • Disburse funds according to approved budget or as approved by Executive Board.
    • Make all deposits.
    • Retain copies of transactional receipts.
    • Prepare and file all required tax and information reports with appropriate governmental authorities.
    • If required by the Board, maintain insurance, including keeping all requirements necessary to keep insurance valid.
    • Assist the President in the preparation of the budget.

SECRETARY: Job Description: The Secretary shall attend all PTO meetings and record the minutes of those proceedings

  • Duties:
    • Record, preserve, and distribute the minutes of all PTO meetings.
    • Publicly post all copies of minutes in a timely manner as determined by the Executive Board.
    • Provide copies of minutes, official documents, and such informal documents as may be of future use for inclusion in the President’s records.
    • Prepare other documents as requested by the President.

HOSPITALITY CHAIRPERSON: The Hospitality Chairperson shall be responsible for organizing and arranging all staff appreciation functions and other providing supplemental support at school events in which the PTO participates

  • Duties:
    • Develop an annual plan for staff appreciation events.
    • Recruit volunteers to assist in implementing plan.
    • Organize staff appreciation events.
    • Coordinate with school administration the PTO’s support of school events.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIRPERSON: The Membership Chairperson shall conduct a membership drive, collect membership registrations, and maintain a list of PTO members. Note: The majority of the time required for this position is in the beginning of the school year.

  • Duties:
    • Initiate and coordinate the efforts of the PTO to conduct a fall membership campaign/drive.
    • Collect and tally all membership forms and donations. Transfer funds to the Treasurer.
    • Manage the membership software (currently Membership Toolkit) ensuring continued functionality and access. As needed, provide assistance to members using the membership software.
    • Give a membership report/update at PTO meetings.
    • Maintain an accurate membership list of members that have joined the PTO.
    • Assist in registering new members throughout the school year.

COMMUNICATIONS CHAIRPERSON: The Communications Chairperson shall be responsible for all communications from the PTO to its members and to the greater school community.

  • Duties:
    • Provide PTO event information and other PTO news to the school for publication in the school newsletter.
    • Maintain PTO Website.
    • Maintain PTO social media accounts and regularly update members with event posts, pictures, and other news.
    • As directed by the Executive Board, produce a PTO newsletter for communicating PTO news and events to PTO members.

GRANT COORDINATOR: The Grant Coordinator shall manage the PTO’s teacher and staff grant program.

  • Duties:
    • Promote the availability of the PTO grant program to all teachers and staff.
    • Receive and review grant requests, answer questions and provide guidance for teachers and staff, and requests clarification of grant details when necessary.
    • Present grant requests at PTO meetings for consideration.
    • Communicate the PTO’s decision to grant requestors.
    • Coordinate dispersal of funds between grant recipient or vendor, and PTO Treasurer.

PARENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: The PLC Representative shall represent the PTO at the meetings of the Edina Public Schools Parent Leadership Council.

  • Duties:
    • Attend all meetings of the PLC.
    • Provide a summary of PLC meeting information at subsequent PTO meetings.

*NOTE: The PTO Executive Board shall be comprised of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Hospitality Chairperson, Membership Chairperson, Communications Chairperson, Grant Coordinator, and the Parent Leadership Council Representative.