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An Alternative Learning Program

Welcome to Options at Edina High School. Options is a state approved alternative learning program located within Edina High School. It is designed to provide students who qualify with a second chance at designing and pursuing a graduation plan.

Students who are interested in taking courses through the Options alternative learning program must be considered at-risk under at least one of the state determined categories called Graduation Incentives. Intake into the Options program for full-time students will be considered after:

  • a referral from a guidance counselor or administrator; and
  • a meeting with a parent, student, guidance counselor, and the program coordinator

EHS Summer School Credit Recovery

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Summer School - Dates / Hours / Location
  • Wednesday, June 8th to Friday, July 1st (Monday-Friday)
  • 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
  • Edina High School (enter door 5)

ATTENDANCE REQUIRED: Due to the compact nature of this program, students are absent more than two classes will be dropped and can take the course in the upcoming school year.

CREDIT RECOVERY: This program IS NOT FOR CREDIT ACCELERATION. It is for the recovery of credits that have already been attempted.

LEARNING MODALITY: All learning will be Face to Face.

COURSE SELECTION: Students may sign up for one, two or three courses. A third course will only be assigned to a student if/when they have completed their two courses. Due to course sequence, students MAY NOT sign up for two Science courses or two Math courses simultaneously.

TRANSPORTATION: Bussing is available upon request.

COMPETENCY BASED: Summer school is an opportunity to "fill learning gaps" from a course that a student has previously failed. If a student earned less that 30% in a course during the school year, there is likely more learning required to meet standards than there is time for in a summer session. Students in this situation OR who require extended time for learning, are encouraged to recover courses in the upcoming school year when more time is allowed for learning.

Department Staff

Heidi Howard
Program Coordinator

Annie Thole
Lead Teacher

Debra Johnson
Math Teacher

Gavin McLean
Science Teacher

Deb Uhlemann
Educational Associate